Hi, I’m Barbara,

I create unique, culturally sensitive and informed music and talk sessions focusing on mental health from the perspective of an African woman. My content is educative, supportive and catalytic for growth.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses music and musical activities to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Music therapy is used to enhance well-being, improve mental health, manage stress, alleviate pain, foster self-expression, and promote communication and social interaction, especially in clinical, educational, or rehabilitative settings.

Artistry & Speaking

Barbara Guantai is a vocalist, song writer, composer and arranger with 12 years experience in the Music Industry. She has been a social researcher of sorts which has greatly influenced her music and musical performances. Barbara also delivers speeches and presentations with the primary goal of inspiring and motivating individuals or groups to take positive actions, overcome challenges, set and achieve goals, and embrace personal growth.

Kids Content

COMING SOON….Yangu Yangu, where imagination knows no bounds! Yangu Yangu is a platform for kids, that is all about fun, learning, and endless adventures. Barbara brings you colorful characters, exciting stories, and interactive content that sparks creativity in young minds.