Barbara Guantai is a vocalist, song writer, composer and arranger with 12 years experience in the Music Industry. She has been a social researcher of sorts which has greatly influenced her music and musical performances.

She has performed locally and internationally mainly in Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the States.

Barbara is an advocate for using artistic expression to demystify the intricacies of mental health. Through creative mediums such as videos and music, I introduce innovative psychosocial support systems that are non-invasive and engaging.

Her is rooted in rigorous research, aimed at providing quantitative evidence for grassroots solutions to mental health disorders. These solutions emerge from the experiences and established practices of individuals and communities.

She specializes in developing edutainment programs and products tailored to children of African descent, spanning all developmental stages from infancy to pre-teen years. These offerings provide essential psychosocial support while nurturing young minds.

Her passion for collaboration drives me to partner with experts in mental health services, including support for substance abuse disorders. Together, we craft effective, people-centered solutions that respect cultural practices and honor our unique ways of life.